corporate responsibility

Sustainable Life

Using a recuperator system for heat recovering purpose with a view to decreasing the use of natural resources and using its waste waters of domestic nature in irrigation activities for landscaping instead of disposal to the receiving environment.

Traçim Cement continues to serve the sustainable environment concept with thousands of saplings it planted in the region. Since the day of its foundation, Traçim Cement has planted total 50,000 saplings in various fields in coordination with Vize District Governorate and Forestry Operation Directorate.

In addition, forestration and landscaping projects were carried out within and outside the borders of the plant with a view to preserving and improving the environment. With this purpose, total 1,427 saplings were planted at our plant and total 34,352 m2 of green areas were created.

A social area of 1,500 m2 has been facilitated for the factory workers and their families including children’s room, gym, restaurant, play room and guest house.
In line with its Corporate Responsibility policy, Traçim Cement follows internationally recognized EN ISO 9001:2008, CE (EN 197-1:2012), GOST-R, Eurotest Control, and Institut IMS Certification quality systems in its production activities.


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