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We transfer the value we attach to the environment to our business plans in every field. We always implement and follow legal requirements and comply with regulatory requirements in the general order of our factory and employees. As Traçim Çimento, with its Integrated Management System Policy, we aim to reduce the possible effects and pollution on the environment at the source as much as possible that may arise during operations, minimize waste generation with a sustainable waste management, ensure the reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal of waste, and protect the environment. We highlight our commitment to take the necessary measures for protection, to reduce natural resource consumption by following technological developments, evaluating alternative raw materials and alternative fuels.

We expect all our stakeholders to approach the environment with the same sensitivity and we work in interaction within this scope. As Traçim Çimento, we evaluate all possible environmental impacts before starting our activities.

During the activities, we evaluate, measure and monitor the effects arising from the use of natural resources, impact on soil, impact on water resources, air emissions, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change effects, effects arising from wastes, dust, noise, vibration, emergencies.

Energy Management

We know the importance of energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions, to contribute to the reduction of foreign dependence on energy resources, which is a heavy burden on the country's economy, and to reduce our production costs, and in this context, we evaluate all kinds of investments and projects.

Within the scope of energy management, we are based on the ISO 50001 Energy Management System and apply all the standards of the system in a comprehensive way to be integrated with other management systems.
We adopt energy tracking and management habits and minimum consumption as our goal and duty. As Traçim Çimento, we prioritize energy efficiency and saving.

The biggest cost item and the area where the most expenditure is made in cement production is energy. The energy consumption sources of our factory consist of electricity, fuel-oil, lignite, coke, diesel and biomass.

Within the scope of sustainability goals and efficiency;

  • Being aware that since we are an energy-intensive sector, the feedback of all our colleagues on energy saving is important; An energy saving suggestion system and suggestion evaluation board have been established within our factory. We take action by keeping our colleagues at all levels of our factory involved and calculating applicable feedback.
  • Our process excess waste gases are used for heating and hot water supply, and we do not consume fossil fuels for these needs.

In order to reduce our thermal energy consumption;

  • An 'Expert Optimizer' system investment was made to make our Rotary Kiln, Calciner and Cooling processes more efficient. The Expert Optimizer system in principle optimizes coal consumption. Thanks to this system, we instantly and continuously monitor the amount of energy needed in the process and the fuel requirement for that energy.

To Reduce Our Fossil Fuel Consumption;

  • ATY Feeding Facility (Waste Derived Fuel Feeding Facility), whose installation was completed in 2023, was put into operation
In order to reduce our dependence on foreign sources in the field of electricity use in our energy consumption;
  • Electrical Energy Production Based on the Use of Renewable Energy Resources (RES and SPP Projects)
  • Our Feasibility Studies for ORC Projects for the Recovery of Heat Energy Discarded as Process Excess from the Furnace Cooling Chimney Continue.

Water Management

Water has an important place in the cement sector, as in all sectors. For this reason, as Traçim Çimento, we try to pay attention to water management and use water as efficiently as possible.
Our water use is basically provided by groundwater, and we deliver water to the receiving environment through surface water receiving environment. With the Domestic Package Biological Treatment Facility, we purify and discharge in accordance with standards and in a way that does not harm the environment.
There are 3 Waste Water Treatment Plants in our factory for water management. Our factory has vehicle wash water recovery, water cooling unit backwash water recovery, coal leachate recovery and surface flow water (rainwater) recovery units. Water treated in recovery units is reused in the system and in the areas where it is generated.

Waste Management

Protecting all natural resources and structures for a sustainable future and healthy generations is now considered a fundamental duty.

For this reason, in every system, measures are first developed to prevent waste generation; If this cannot be achieved, the waste generated is managed in the most appropriate way.

As Traçim Çimento, we are aware of how important waste management is for today's resources and future generations. Priority is given to waste management in our facilities, and we continue our efforts to ensure that waste suitable for recovery and recycling is not sent to disposal, but is re-evaluated and used. We use Alternative Raw Materials as raw materials in our cement factory in order to reduce the use of natural resources.

Use of Additional Fuel and Alternative Raw Materials

In our facility, we use non-hazardous wastes, which have the same chemical and physical properties as the raw materials used, as alternative raw materials in order to reduce the use of natural resources and minimize waste generation, thus helping the wastes gain value by using them in other areas.

In our facility, we reduce our environmental impact by using wastes from different sectors such as foundry sand, iron coke, slag, aluminum sludge, ashes from incineration plants, RDF, ETL, Biomass as alternative raw materials and additional fuel.

Our facility has an Environmental Permit for Air Emission and Wastewater Discharge and an Environmental License for Waste Incineration and Co-Incineration, and within the scope of this license, we can use wastes that are allowed to be used as additional fuel by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. Using alternative resources is very important in eliminating environmental pollution, protecting natural resources and saving energy.

With its investments, Traçim aims to use less fossil fuels by using Biomass, Waste Derived Fuels (RDF) and End-of-Life Fuels (OTL) as additional fuel.

Emission Reduction and Monitoring

The facility has electrofilters and bagged jet-pulse filters to reduce dust emissions.

The adverse effects of dust emissions on human health are prevented thanks to filters with 99.95% dust retention efficiency available in the facility. A total of 54 filters (1 electrofilter, 53 bag filters) and fuel systems produced with the latest technology are used in the facility and their operations are kept under constant control.

In addition, measurements of CO, NOX, SO2, O2, Dust, Volumetric Flow Rate and Temperature parameters are monitored instantly with the Continuous Emission Measurement System at the rotary kiln main chimney and are connected to the Continuous Monitoring Center (SIM) system of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change. A NOx reduction system investment was made in 2021. With this investment, NOx emissions can be kept between 100-600 mg/Nm3.

Greenhouse Gas (CO2) Emissions

National and international developments regarding greenhouse gas emissions are followed and as Traçim, we plan to produce by carrying out projects that are environmentally friendly and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this context

  • Preferring Biomass (Agricultural-Forestry) and additional fuels with high biomass content as alternative fuels,
  • Reducing the use of natural resources by increasing the use of alternative raw materials,
  • Preferring new environmentally friendly products with low carbon emissions,
  • It aims to implement processes such as continuing improvement investments by constantly monitoring process efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly Studies

We work to protect the planet we live on and support the creation of a sustainable system by developing environmentally friendly projects.

We contribute to the natural balance by identifying the sources of sectoral pollution and offering solutions to them. As Traçim Çimento, we try to minimize our impact on the environment and social life in our projects, the facilities we operate, the practices we carry out with our working partners and all our scope, including our employees, and we always act with this purpose.

We carry out studies to reduce dust emissions and environmental pollution in our integrated cement production facility. We keep our systems under constant control by using filters produced using the latest technology in our facility.

We prevent the negative effects of dust emissions on human health thanks to filters with 99.95% dust retention efficiency available at the facility. We use a total of 54 filters in our facility, including 1 electrofilter and 53 bag filters.

Continuous measurements of CO, CO2 NO, NO, NO2, SO2, O2, HCl, HF, TOC, dust, volumetric flow rate and temperature parameters in the rotary kiln main chimney in our facility are monitored instantly with our online emission monitoring system.

Our Online Emission Monitoring system is also connected to the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change's Continuous Monitoring Centre (CMC) system. CMC software is monitored instantly by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.

As part of our environmentally friendly projects in 2021, we can keep our NOx emissions between 100-600 mg/Nm3 by investing in NOx reduction system improvement.

Traçim Çimento transformed the Furnace Main Chimney Electro Filter into a Bag Filter in 2017. Thus, it increased the dust holding efficiency of the filter and prevented the dust emissions experienced in stoppages and take-offs and CO elevations. Thanks to this bag filter, it can keep the amount of dust with a limit value of 50 mg/Nm3 between 1-10 mg/Nm3.

The roads within our facility (total of 93,160 m2) are covered with concrete. Continuous cleaning of the roads is carried out with a sweeper vehicle and continuous irrigation is carried out with a sprinkler during the summer months. Additionally, there is a vacuum industrial type vacuum cleaner vehicle to be used in case of material overflow due to malfunctions in the system. With this broom, we ensure that spilled materials are cleaned from the area without creating any dust.

We provide the heating and hot water needs of our facility with the recuperator unit with a capacity of 2.500.000 kcal/h (2.9 MW), where the waste heat of the clinker cooling unit is used, with water heated to a temperature of up to 85°C, thus saving on the use of fossil fuel. The efficiency of the clinker cooling unit, which uses waste heat to obtain secondary and tertiary air, which is necessary for the efficient combustion of fuel, is very important. For this reason, we designed our clinker cooling unit with the latest technology.

We also carry out reuse and reduction works in certain areas in our facility. We designed the system with precalcinators to reduce our fuel consumption per ton of clinker in cement production. We created an area for the reuse of waste heat by using the waste gas, coal and raw materials formed in the rotary kiln for drying. Thus, we save fuel.

Every year, we regularly plant and distribute 10,000 saplings in cooperation with the Vize Forest Management Directorate and the Vize District Governorship. We have planted 123,600 saplings from our founding date in 2008 until the end of 2023. In addition to planting 15,764 saplings for the rehabilitation of our quarry areas, we also planted 2,062 saplings within the facility and created 50,000 m2 of green space.