With its high technology and energy management approach, Traçim Çimento acts in accordance with the concept of "sustainability" defined in the 1987 final declaration of the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development as "Humanity has the ability to make development sustainable by providing its daily needs without jeopardizing its ability to respond to the needs of future generations". 

Traçim Çimento, one of the most equipped cement facilities in Turkey, has started to publish the Sustainability Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards basic option of the Sustainability Report, which includes its activities since 2020, as an enterprise that meets the demand for ready-mixed concrete in our country and in the world since 2008.

Energy consumption is kept to a minimum in Traçim Çimento, which carries out greenhouse gas reduction projects, uses waste gases for heating and hot water supply and does not consume energy for these needs, and carries out studies to increase the use of additional fuel and alternative raw materials.

Carbon Management

Traçim has been carrying out the verification and reporting processes by calculating Scope 1 emissions every year since 2015. Within the framework of both the European Green Deal and the National Emission Trading System (ETS), a Carbon Committee has been established to determine and manage the climate risks of our institution and the roadmap and actions and targets to be followed have been determined.

The actions to be taken to achieve these goals will be to reduce fuel consumption and process efficiency, to increase additive rates in cement, to use alternative raw materials and additional fuel, to reduce carbon emissions from energy efficiency management, transportation and auxiliary materials.

Traçim Çimento
Sustainability Report