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Employee Development and Talent Management

We transfer the value we give to the environment to our business plan in every field. In the general layout, we always apply and follow the regulatory requirements and legal requirements for our employees. As Traçim, we emphasize our commitment to reduce the environmental impact arising from our activities with our Environmental Management Policy.

We expect all our stakeholders to approach the environment with the same sensitivity and we work in interaction within this scope. As Traçim Çimento, we evaluate all possible environmental impacts before starting our activities.

During the activities, we evaluate, measure and monitor the effects arising from the use of natural resources, impact on soil, impact on water resources, air emissions, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change effects, effects arising from wastes, dust, noise, vibration, emergencies.

Employee Development and Talent Management

As Traçim Çimento, we conduct a Satisfaction Survey to get the opinions and opinions of our employees. Employee satisfaction was measured with a separate percentage for each category and each question, and integration studies of the actions to be taken and the plans to be made for the next period were started. The survey topics are as follows;

  • Employee Commitment to Their Business and Organization
  • Contributing to Society
  • Personnel Rights, Sense of Justice
  • Award, Education, Personal Development
  • Team and Team Harmony, Communication
  • Evaluation of Department Supervisors and Managers
  • Business Environment and Prosperity
  • General Company Culture
  • Services Offered

Within the scope of the studies carried out during the pandemic period and the programs planned and implemented to support the employees and ensure their safety, we have received a letter of thanks from Turkey ÇİM-SE Business Union for employee satisfaction. We continue to support our employees in all matters and to advance our employees in a good and effective way in order to continue to provide a peaceful working environment.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity for All

As Traçim Çimento, we take measures against ill-treatment and unfair practices in order to ensure gender equality in our business environment and not to discriminate in terms of religion, language and race. We consider the workforce of our female employees as a value of our company and encourage them to participate by caring about their contribution.

We adopt a fair, transparent and principled approach to our employees and effectively use internal and external communication channels. We communicate with our employees by making weekly, monthly and annual meetings, feedback received after the trainings and one-to-one interviews and record all opinions from them.

We know that we are at a point where we differ from other companies in the cement industry with our female employment rate. According to sectoral reports, while the female employment rate in the cement industry (in ÇEİS member employer companies) is 5%, our TRAÇİM Çimento female employment rate is 12%.

In the Turkish cement industry, as Traçim Çimento, we are at the forefront in terms of female employment rate, and with our activities within the company, we carry out social responsibility projects to create public opinion and raise awareness to improve the stereotypes of the gendered perspective. As the supporter of the Village Girls Futsal team, which came 5th in Turkey in 2022, we are proud to be a partner in their success.