Our clinkers and cements, which comply with EN 197-1 2011 EU standard and have CE certificate, are preferred by end-user and trading companies that are formed in a wide international customer profile from Europe to African continents. While carrying out our exports, we provide services with various loading types and vehicles. In this way, we increase the sale service quality of our exports with relatively lower emission shipping channels.

Within the scope of these services, we generally carry out the following loading centers and types. We prioritize the follow-up of our export operations with internal and external authorized units and increasing their rates. We aim to prevent accidents by providing trainings to shippers and contractors about occupational health and safety, to perform error-free operations in documentation, to increase daily loading amounts, and to increase our regional export volume by creating new buyer companies in non-Bulgarian Balkan countries.

Export by Sea 

Bulk and packaged loading : We carry out from the ports of Martaş (Marmara Ereğlisi) and CEYPORT (Tekirdağ). Ships that are up to 45.000 DWT in CEYPORT port and 55.000 DWT in MARTAŞ port can be loaded at high speeds.

Export by Rail
We carry out bulk and packaged product loading with train from Çorlu-Lüleburgaz-Edirne-Kircasalih stations.