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About Our Candidate Selection and Placement Processes

In our "Candidate Selection and Placement" processes, which we aim to place the "right candidate for the job", the knowledge, skills and competencies of the candidates are examined and their compliance with the requirements of the required position is evaluated.

* No discrimination such as gender, ethnicity etc. is accepted in our company.

Teamwork and Collaboration

TRAÇİM employees work by believing in the power of cooperation at all levels and being aware of the responsibilities of team play. By valuing the opinions of all other team members, care is taken to reflect these opinions and opinions in projects, corporate decisions and services.

Sharing Information

All TRAÇİM employees act responsibly and accountably in their attitudes, behaviors and activities. At every stage of the activities, a process that is open to information sharing, auditable and transparent is carried out.  

Work Discipline and Ownership

All members of the TRAÇİM family always work with dedication and fulfill their responsibilities in the best way. Employees work in accordance with the corporate culture in line with common goals with work discipline, cooperation and a high sense of ownership.

Careful Work & Taking Responsibility

All employees under the roof of TRAÇİM are aware of their individual and corporate responsibilities and continue to seek quality and excellence in accordance with the corporate culture. Accordingly, all employees fulfill their responsibilities in a self-confidence approach based on self-criticism in line with their knowledge, skills and competencies.

Ability to Communicate Effectively

Every member of the TRAÇİM family acts in accordance with the corporate culture and values at every point where they come into contact with the stakeholders and the society. Being effective in communication processes by considering institutional and social benefits and establishing satisfaction is one of the basic qualities of every individual who represents TRAÇİM.