Integrated Management System

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In all our products, services and activities covering standards related to Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Energy Management Systems;

  • To increase and maintain customer satisfaction by offering products and services above expectations within the framework of applicable national and international standards and legal legislation,
  • To create measurable targets related to quality, environment, occupational health and safety, energy management systems by taking into account good practices in the sector and in the world, to regularly review their realization and to continuously improve our performance and management systems in this field,
  • To determine and supply the qualified manpower, information, infrastructure, and environment required for the effective operation, control, continuity, and continuous improvement of processes with a preventive approach and risk-based thinking, and to use all resources at the optimum level in this context,
  • To comply with environmental legislation, administrative regulations and sectoral obligations, to ensure the efficient use of natural resources, to protect the environment with a life cycle and sustainable development perspective, to take care of pollution prevention and to improve our recycling methods by reducing waste at source, to encourage recycling and to bring continuous positive value to the environment,

World Standards in Occupational Safety

  • To comply with occupational health and safety legislation and administrative regulations, to create a healthy and safe working environment, to take necessary measures and to make it sustainable by identifying all risks that may disrupt the health integrity of our employees and all related parties in advance with a systematic and preventive approach, believing that all kinds of occupational accidents and occupational diseases are preventable,
  • To maximize employee participation by taking opinions and suggestions of employees on occupational health and safety issues, to share all kinds of information with employees on health and safety issues,
  • To contribute to sustainable production by following technological developments and innovations, purchasing energy-efficient products and services, and using energy and materials efficiently,
  • To ensure that our activities are consistent with the principles of sustainable development by keeping the effects of our activities on the environment and human health under control,
  • To educate and raise awareness of all our employees and stakeholders by following technological developments and innovations,
  • It is our main responsibility that all activities achieve business results that will create value for the relevant parties in line with the main purpose and objectives of the organization. Our policy will always be open and accessible to society and all interested parties.